Animal Healing And Communication Workshop

Animal Healing And Communication Workshop

Saturday 15th October 2022

10.30 to 4.30

Cost £125 – instalment payments are available. If required please message me via my contacts page.  Payments are non refundable once paid, however if over a months notice is given the same amount can be used on one of my other workshops or crystals I have for sale.

As well as working as a Medium and healer I have lived with, worked, healed and studied animals all of my life and have a lot of respect for them. Some of my experiences have been great and others eventful. They always say you can never guarantee how things will go when you work with animals and children which is extremely true which is also what makes this Animal Healing and Communication Workshop  very good fun and both of these are my natural passion.

animals 199Animals instinctively know how they feel – when a dog has a tummy upset, it will not eat for 24 sometimes, 48 hours until the germ has passed.  When animals know their time is up they often go away from the home, often out into the cold night and hide ready to die.  If only us as humans followed our animal friends and lived by our instincts which we are more than capable of doing we would have much easier lives.  The use of antibiotics (although sometimes are very much needed) could easily be reduced.

I have designed this animal healing and communication workshop to help those who are closely connected with animals, whether purely just the love of them or working with them and living with them in their daily lives, to help them with the healing of animals.

You will need to have learnt Reiki I  to attend this workshop.  If you have not yet attained your Reiki I please contact me and I can let you know the dates of my next workshop.  If you are interested in animals and healing you will gain greatly from the experiences of my Reiki, Crystal Healing and Herbal Wisdom workshops.

We will be covering many things such as healing and the different chakras (energy centres on an animal’s body), how to heal and when, how often, following colour, the safety of healing animals, how to heal dangerous animals, dealing with an animals surroundings and diet which is very important.

Very importantly we will be learning animal communication and behaviour which will also help with people behaviour and healing of different problems.

We will be touching on different herbs which may be great for animal’s well-being.

Various crystals and the way they should be used for animals and also which ones to use.

Keeping records, which is so important.

Dealing with owners.

And lots, lots more, this is a fun but also educational workshop and you will also be encouraged to do healing on various animals.

You will definitely see how the healing works on animals before your eyes.

Animals are really receptive to Reiki healing.  This Animal Healing and Communication workshop is to teach you how to give healing to the animal kingdom.  Animals so easily give us unconditional love; they do not question and also accept the healing far more than people.  This workshop will teach you the protocol, the safety aspect involved in healing animals both, big and small, tame and dangerous, and will also teach you how to look at the animals home and surroundings.  We will cover the chakras of the animal and their aura to release any blockages that prevent the energy flowing freely which in turn will affect the animal’s health and happiness.  You will also be taught how to tune into the animals feelings.  This is also a practical workshop so you will be giving healing to animals during the day.  We will be using Reiki healing and also shown how to use crystals for animal healing.
This is always a really enjoyable and lovely day.

“They always say never work with children or animals so expect the unexpected on this day???”

A certificate and manual are also given.

To book a place on my Animal Healing and Communication Workshop

Contact  – tel:  07968015558