Handcrafted Smudge Sticks x 3

9c) Handcraft Herbal Smudge Sticks, Incense & Smudge Feathers

Sunday 11th September 2022

10.30am to 4.30pm

We will be crafting with herbs I have grown from seed, with intent for their purpose and healing, together with wild foragings from local, good energy places.
Weather permitting, some of the day will be working amongst the herbs and flowers, in the quiet, meditation and healing part of our garden.

The energy in our homes can affect our health and happiness

Smudging is the burning of sacred herbs, woods or resins to purify and cleanse the energies in our homes. How many times have you entered a home or area and suddenly felt sad, angry or extremely tired when you didn’t before. This is sensing the negative/stagnant energy of the place. Maybe someone has been depressed, arguing, ill or overworked in there. As we clean our homes, it is equally important to cleanse the energy of our homes, workplaces, our auric field and our animals’. This workshop is designed to help you craft your own personal, different varieties of smudge sticks, incense, smudge fans and prayer ties and the correct way of using them. However, it is designed to take you a step further in connecting with the energy of the herbs that choose you.

What you can expect to experience:

• Beautiful guided meditation to connect with the energies of the garden herbs.

• Learn the spiritual energies of the plants, which ones call to you and why.

• Native American smudging traditions to enhance energy clearing, blessings and protection

• How to make the most with the herbs from your own gardens

• How to craft different types of herbal smudge sticks, incense, smudging fans and prayer ties

• Smudging ritual

• How to smudge yourself, your home, workplaces, crystals and spiritual tools and your herbal garden,

• Different life changing events and the times to smudge

• How to smudge during a healing session

• Ethical ways of harvesting and how to dry herbs and retain colour and oils

• What makes smudging so powerful?

• Craft your own smudge fan to use when smudging

• Craft herbal prayer ties to aid the release in your own personal healing process and how to use them.

My spiritual practice is run on the edge of the New Forest and neighbouring old towns of Wimborne, Cranborne and Ringwood. They are all steeped with wise, old ways, traditions, folklore and country ways.
I have worked spiritually for many years and strongly believe in the healing properties of the wise old ways, working with universal energies, crystals, herbs and healing. I have used them extensively in my own life, work and for animals and will be sharing some of this knowledge with you on this workshop.

Being a Medium, Healer (DHWSA), Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, I do 1-2-1 readings & healings & teach different spiritual workshops. Such as all levels of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Animal Healing and Communication, weekly Meditation /Development Circles, Beginners Tarot & Palmistry courses and various Herbal Wisdom Workshops.

Cost: £125 to include all materials required and light refreshments.
Instalment payments are available, if required please message me via my contacts page.  Payments are non refundable once paid, however if over a months notice is given the same amount can be used on one of my other workshops or crystals I have for sale.

We are on the edge of the New Forest, the old historic towns of Wimborne, Ringwood and Cranbourne and 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches in Bournemouth and 10 minutes away from the historic remains of Knowlton Church with the beautiful Yew trees.

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All products made can be taken home after the workshop.

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