Incense Burners and Incense Cones

Incense burners and incense cones. The back flow burner cones are specifically designed to create smoke from the special back flow incense cones that cascades down the burner and into the pool, creating a magical effect which is mesmerising and truly relaxing to watch. Once you have lit the incense cone and placed on the top of the burner it will begin to smoke. The incense is heavier than air and it will fall dramatically in swirls and twists through the hole and down over the burner until it fills the pool at the bottom.
Backflow incense burners are suitable for home, therapy rooms, offices, tea rooms, meditation, yoga studios etc.,
In order to create the smoke cascade effect you will need to use back flow incense cones which we have available.
Order now to create that exotic incense corner in your special area.

I also sell ordinary incense cones and storage containers.

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