Reiki Practice Share Day

Reiki Practice Share Day 

Saturday 8th January 2022

11am to 4pm

£65 Payments are non refundable once paid.

Reiki Shares are a necessity to anyone who is serious about their Reiki healing and wants to master and improve their healing art during a day of sacred healing and meditation in a tranquil setting.

  • You will be taken through various healing meditations which will not only heal yourselves but also those you use them on
  • Questions and answer time – please use this time to get the answers you often need only too often we have various experiences that we are unsure about or even questions on the way we send healing. This is a very valuable time so please take full use of it. I am here to help you.
  • Practice your healing especially if you don’t get much opportunity. With the natural law of effect the more we use the healing energy the more you will attract people who need it to you. I will teach you not only how to heal from a healing bed but also how to send healing and use the healing in an ordinary chair etc.,
  • You will be helped to gain the confidence you require to run your own practice or even just to work on your friends/family/animals/plants etc.,
  • You will not only give healing but also receive healings if you so wish
  • How to clear your sacred space
  • How to clear energy fields / auras
  • crystals
  • group healing
  • + lots more

 To book your place on the Reiki Practice Share Day


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9a) Animal Healing And Communication Workshop