Beautiful Amethyst + Black Amethyst Cathedral – (13)


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Beautiful Amethyst + Black Amethyst Cathedral With Bespoke Stand – (13)

12cms High x 17cms Wide inc stand approx

This is the actual piece you will receive.

This is a really beautiful Amethyst Cathedral which has Amethyst and also Black Amethyst in the same piece (which is quite rare to find) with its own bespoke stand. It could easily be placed on any side or altar.

It has its own unique design and dainty points and is great quality and all different contrasts of deep amethyst mauve. It would look lovely in any lounge, office, bedroom or therapists room and the deep relaxing energies that Amethyst emits will bring peace and calm to any area it is placed.

An Amethyst Cathedral can help keep the energies balanced in any therapy room and can also help disperse negative energies and bring in peace and calm, especially to the mind and auric field. It is a great stone to meditate with and can help you channel deeper into altered states. Amethyst can help open the crown and the third eye chakras enhancing your connection to the cosmic forces, spiritual guidance, visionary states & psychic awareness and promote a healthy spiritual life-style.

It is a great crystal healing stone and I find it can aid relaxation, helping me with deep sleep.

Amethyst is essential for placement in any sacred space, meditation area as well as the altars and is one of the major healing stones. Other stones can be placed on or around the Amethyst Cathedral to be cleansed.

As I am a Reiki Master & crystal therapist all crystals will be cleansed and Reiki charged before being sent out. So they are ready for your use.

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