Quality Amethyst Cathedral With Stand – 5.39kg (1)


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Quality Amethyst Cathedral With Stand – 5.39kg (1) Peace, Calm, Psychic Development, Meditation, Stress

27cms High x 23cms Wide x 14cms Deep inc stand approx

This is the actual piece you will receive.

This is a really beautiful extra large Amethyst Cathedral with its own bespoke stand. It could easily be placed on any side or even as a floor display piece.

It has its own unique design and large points and is great quality and all different contrasts of deep amethyst mauve. It would look lovely in any lounge, office, bedroom or therapists room and the deep relaxing energies that Amethyst emits will bring peace and calm to any area it is placed.

I like to have Amethyst around my home and workplace as I find it changes the energy and makes me feel peaceful. I often use it in a crystal healing session if I have a headache or too much on my mind. I keep one by my bedside, if I am having trouble sleeping. I have Amethyst clusters in my therapy room as I find it’s energies  protective and aid my spiritual awareness when doing readings and healings.

Amethyst is essential for placement in any sacred space, meditation area and altars and is one of the major healing stones. Other stones can be placed on or around the Amethyst Cathedral to be cleansed.

I am a Reiki Master and crystal therapist, so all crystals will be cleansed before being sent out, so they are ready for your use.

If you require any further information please message me or if you would like me to source specific healing crystals for you.
I offer this service free of charge.

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8) Advanced Crystal Healing Workshop + 6 Crystal Share Evenings

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