Enchanted Mystical Unicorns


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Enchanted Mystical Unicorns

45W x 23D x 33 cmsH

Enchanted mystical unicorns available in aurora colours. They look beautiful amongst your crystal collections, in your gardens amid your herbaceous borders or as a statement piece on your patio or sat amid your roses. The enchanted mystical unicorn will show you where it wants to be, to add mystique, enchantment, magic, mindfulness and strength, to whoever wishes to connect with its beautiful energies.

If you are drawn to unicorn energy or your spirit animal is a unicorn you may find yourself ready to discover a deeper self awareness with mindfulness, with activation of your soul star chakra. Unicorn energy teaches to see the world with different eyes being aware of the beauty around you without the need to judge, accept situations, knowing they will unfold with the necessary experiences needed. A time to allow magic into your life, bringing joy and happiness, allowing your inner child out to play. Intuition can become heightened along with rising strength and power and knowing when to retract from situations that no longer serve your highest good. Unicorn will protect and guide you on your soul’s forward journey, enhancing self belief and allowing you to become who you really want to be or do what you have always wanted to do. When you believe in yourself anything can happen.

Unicorn energy brings you closer to the spirit world, angels and the fae.  Are you ready to embrace your magical journey of self discovery?

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