Scrying Divination Cleanser For Mirrors, Crystal Balls & Crystals



Scrying Divination Cleanser for Mirrors, Crystal Balls And Crystals – Meditation, Spiritual Awareness, Psychic Tools

Bottle size: 100ml

Our spiritual tools, crystals, scrying mirrors and even the mirrors in our homes absorb the energies they interact with, so need to be energetically cleansed so they continue to work for everyones highest good. All my sprays are handcrafted under the relevant earth and moon cycles, Reiki charged, infused with oils or herb / flower essences, crystal elixir and wisdoms to create a high vibrational spray.

Simply mist your spiritual tools, crystals and mirrors on a full moon and either leave them to dry or wipe with a soft cloth that has only ever been used for this purpose. Place them under the moon’s light to charge.

Ingredients: Luna spring water, crystal elixir, essential oils, herb energies, alcohol

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Scrying Mirror Black Obsidian + Storage Pouch

How To Scry Descry, Hydromancy or Crystal Ball Glazing Workshop

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