Agate Geode Crystal


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Agate Geode Crystal

4 – 6 cms approx – one will be intuitively chosen for you

These are beautiful geodes of Agate which have been sliced in half, cut and polished and also have cut bases, to make it easy to display in that special place. Just look at the crystalline centre of this piece to see the magic within.
Agate is a microcrystalline Quartz and when a light is put towards them it helps to illuminate their true beauty.

I often find those who are needing to be a bit stronger or face some fears in life are attracted to Agate as it is a great crystal to have near you, so that its crystal energies can interact with your own auric field. They can be a great meditation/yoga tool and it is good to keep one on your bedside table to help protect from bad dreams.

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Agate Geode

Cut Base Agate Geode Cave Crystal



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