Autumn Equinox Crystals Package


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Autumn Equinox Crystals Package

Crystals to help you celebrate the Autumn Equinox

The crystals are size large and good quality

I have put together some crystals, that I like to connect with during the Autumn Equinox point and you may also like to use over this special time. They can simply be placed around your home, on a bedside cabinet, works desk or an altar. Try Creating an Autumnal altar in your garden where the moon cycles can also enhance and charge them. It is great to include herbs such as Fennel, Pot Marigolds, Lemon Verbena, flowers, Hawthorn berries, apples, crystals, acorns or other nuts you wild forage. I have also included my handcrafted crystal cleansing/charging energy spray, to use on your crystals daily or after being used. Maybe place a covered glass of water amongst the crystals overnight, to infuse with their energies and that of the moon, to drink the next day or add to your bath water, to help bring the Autumn energies into your auric field – a time of balance, rejuvenation and the start of root energy – rest, sleep, renewal and manifestation of new ideas.


Autumn Equinox– 20th-23rdSeptember – when day and night are of equal length.

The Autumn Equinox brings change once again in the Earth’s energy. It is a time of thanksgiving and finding balance. A time when day and night come in perfect equilibrium all over the world. The Sun’s energy is waning and enters the sign of Libra, which brings balance and harmony, helping with change and transformation. It is a period, where it is important to even out your inner feelings with what you show the outside world. A time to release the past and move forward with clarity. When we feel balanced we feel whole. From here we prepare to take our energies within for the winter’s sleep. A great interval for rejuvenation, to connect with our strengths and weaknesses and that which holds our inner focuses and wisdom. What would you like to manifest and incubate whilst in your winter’s sleep to bring forward in the Spring? The seed ideas we plant now will emerge in the Spring with renewed power and energy.

Find somewhere to sit quietly with the crystals and set out your intentions for guidance and see what comes to your mind’s eye.

Autumn Equinox is a time to give thanks to what you have created this year and to ask for inner guidance for your ways forward with balance.

You will also receive the 9 crystals listed below in their own protective carrying pouch, my Crystal Cleansing, Charging Energy Spray + a free quartz crystal point, which I have included to boost the energy of the other crystals, one of my handcrafted crystal cleansing/charging energy sprays, which I have infused over time using different planetary cycles, relevant herbs, oils, crystal essences, healing energies and wisdoms.

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Strongly connected to moon energies. Calm and soothing. Great woman’s stone, feminine, gentle, receptive. Enhances psychic abilities. Place on Solar Plexus/Heart chakras to remove stagnant energies, caused by old emotional problems.


Stone of leadership.Reflects quality of light aiding joy, positivity, warmth, strength, openness. Personal power and freedom.Good for solar plexus but will clear all Chakras bringing in light and energy.


Great for grounding and crystal healing, connects with base chakra and grounds auric field. Places a protective shield around the body keeping out negative energies but allowing good needed ones to pass through. Makes a good protective shield.

 Green Aventurine 

“Stone of Opportunity,” thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, manifesting, releasing of old patterns and habits, use when manifesting new beginnings, zest for life, confidence.

Tree Agate

Refreshes the soul and great aid for newbeginnings and fresh starts, so often considered as abirthing stone. Connects you to nature. Use when trying to attract abundance.


Stabilizing stone with high energies. Helps restore motivation and creativity. Can cleanse other crystals.

Good to carry if you have a fear of death or endings. Aids courage and motivation in business and money matters. Carry in purse when attracting abundance.

Nguni Jasper

A great crystal to carry when feeling stuck in a rut. A connector to the power of Mother Nature. I find it
cleanses and aligns chakras.It has a strong connection with earth’s energies.Assists with Dream Recall. Clears Electromagnetic Pollution.

Petrified Wood

Full of earth energy. A great grounding stone. Aids recall of wisdom and lessons of the past. Great for studies of ancient doings, past life issues, opening up to Akashic records .Good when channeling nature spirits and working on earth healings. A stone of evolution and ascension. Good when working on spiritual growth. Often used to contact the spirits of the deceased to bring aid, guidance or comfort.

Tiger’s Eye Red

Is a stimulating stone which aids motivation and helps overcome lethargy. Protective against curses and ill wishes. Promotes positive attitude and increases feelings of self-worth. Aids confidence. Good luck and prosperity.

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