Black Amethyst Cluster Crystal with Cactus


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Black Amethyst Cluster – Brings light into life, Healing, Psychic Development, Relaxation, Stress, Peace, Calm

Crystal cost: £35

5.5cms x 4.5cms approx

This is for 1 Black Amethyst Cluster Crystal with Cactus

I have just a few, very rare Black Amethyst Cluster Crystals for sale that I have sourced all the way from Uruguay. They are of a very high quality and are really special. Although a Black Amethyst Cluster Crystal they shine like they have small diamonds inside them. They are very beautiful. These Black Amethyst Cluster Crystals are very hard to photograph and catch their beauty as the light they emirate are like little specks of bright light almost like a diamond shines, seems to catch the light from the camera.

Black Amethyst Cluster Crystal is said to help one merge the dark side of their life with the light side, thus bring in light to a dark mind, remove negative traits, habits from the past or emotional blocks. A very relaxing, calming and protective crystal aiding peace and tranquility. it can help increase clarity and grounding. Its powerful energy can help through times of transition and change. The Black Amethyst Cluster Crystal would be great placed in any home, office or for use by a crystal therapist.

With the Black Amethyst clusters the powerful healing qualities are directed through the main crystal but this is amplified as at the same time the healing energy radiates out in all directions from the tiny crystal points that make up the surface. They work on all levels, the physical, mental and spiritual. They can help bring focus to the route cause of the problems.

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As I am a Reiki Master and Crystal therapist your crystal will be cleansed before being sent out to you so it is ready for you to use.

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