Black Obsidian Large Howling Wolf


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Black Obsidian Large Howling Wolf

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If wolf calls you it can be a sign to stay strong and even a test of your will power, but you will grow in confidence and self awareness.  Wolf reminds us to stay focused, follow your intuition and success will be yours. It may be a time where you need to go life alone, step away from the pack so to speak in order to find yourself and grow, but it also gently reminds us to come back when time calls. Wolves are perfect companions for helping us deal with communication issues, and help us overcome our challenges and obstacles with gracefulness.

Black Obsidian is usually referred to as the stone of true pleasure and used traditionally by clairvoyants, star gazers and shamans for scrying, clear seeing and fortune telling. I often see it as a black hole which is highly protective, absorbing negative energies and sometimes use it as a grounding stone when trying to connect to past lives and their influences. If you are enlightened or an empath, lower vibrations can try to draw near and this crystal can be a great auric field protector for this. It is a good crystal to carry with you, use in meditation or healing when dealing with grief and loss. This can be a painful process to deal with and good to do under the shield of black Obsidian.

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