Scrying Mirror Black Obsidian + Storage Pouch


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Scrying Mirror Black Obsidian + Storage Pouch

This is a beautiful black Obsidian Scrying Crystal Mirror, which measures 11cms across. Black Obsidian is a deep black crystal and can be polished to a high specification making it brilliant to use as a scrying mirror. It is a very protective crystal and also extremely grounding and a great aid for divination such as scrying – looking into the future and connecting with the spirit world, also good for seeing our true selves as we really are.

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I also sell a Scrying Divination Cleanser for scrying mirrors, crystals and spiritual tools. If you would like to purchase and have this sent with your order please message me: Contact Lorraine Tricksey

Scrying Divination Cleanser For Mirrors, Crystal Balls and Crystals

How To Scry Descry, Hydromancy or Crystal Ball Glazing Workshop

(D) Black Obsidian Skull Pendulum / Dowser

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