Black Tourmaline


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Black Tourmaline – Large, Rough, Crystal Healing, Protects & Grounds, Absorbs Negative / Electromagnetic Energy, Nightmares

Great to use for animals or people

4.5 – 5cms x 3 – 3.5cms approx

This is for one piece. I hand select all my crystals for their lovely quality and great crystal energies for all my customers needs, so will hand select the best one for you.

Black Tourmaline is a stone I would use for protection and grounding. It has helped absorb negative energies and also those from electric appliances. I have also used it in crystal healings to help with nightmares. When placed around the home I find it protects the whole environment from negative energies. I love using this stone when doing crystal healings and a necessary crystal to use for grounding when working with other crystals.

I like to place one next to the main doorway in my home, to prevent anyone who is not compatible with my energy field entering, including intruders.

A great gift for anyone who is ungrounded or needs to protect their energy fields so anyone who is super sensitive

A great stone to use when making crystal grids and healings.

It would be good to carry round with you or place in your home.

A great stone to hold when meditating, healing or carry when visiting someone or dealing with a difficult situation.

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