Dragons Blood Jasper Bracelets


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Dragons Blood Jasper Bracelets

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It is a member of the Chalcedony quartz group and you can’t help but love the energy from Dragons Blood Jasper with its lovely hues of dark greens and reds which are a result of the mineral Peidmontite.  A great crystal to encourage spiritual growth and self healing. Some find it a stone that aids personal power  and wear it to encourage strength, courage and purpose to help them face difficulties and heal emotional issues. It is good to wear to help balance all chakras and energetic meridians and raise Kundalini energy.

Some like to wear when travelling as a protection from the energy of negative people.

Local Folklore says it is the remains of ancient deceased dragons with the red being their blood and the green their skin.

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Dragon’s Blood Jasper

Bloodstone Heart &Healing, Magical, Remove Negativity, Directs / Shifts Spiritual Energy, Revitalises

Malachite Lion Totem Power Animal

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