Citrine Raw Clusters


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Citrine Raw Clusters

5.5cms x 3cms approx – I will intuitively choose the crystal that best aligns to your vibrational energy. All the crystals are cleansed under relevant moon cycles among the herbs and will be sent out to you ready to use.

Often referred to as the stone for positive attitude and one I use when trying to attract abundance in anything I am working on.

This is a beautiful piece of Rough Natural Citrine and is ideal for recharging crystals, dowsers and spiritual tools. Citrine is self cleansing and a great cleanser of unwanted energies. A good crystal to have in a therapy room, office or home. Often referred to as the ‘cheer me up stone’.

I like using Citrine in crystal healing, as I find it’s sunlight qualities seem to energise and activate the sacral and solar plexus chakras and the emotions attached to them. I find it an excellent balancer for balancing the physical and subtle bodies and I often use it in meditation or healing to help me connect to the higher realms.
I like the good energy it eminates, in whatever room it is placed.

Citrine cluster crystals are also uniquely valuable in that they do not require routine crystal cleaning beyond an initial purification. Citrine takes negative energy, transmutes, dissipates and grounds it.

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Weight .030 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 6 cm

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