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Crystal Flames

3cms approx – this is for one mini crystal flame which are excellent for crystal grid work.

Each one has been carved into a beautiful flame shape which symbolises the power of fire together with the crystals metaphysical properties. Each one has gentle powerful energies and will be chosen intuitively for you.

Use during any solar plexus or sacral chakra work. Place the flat side against your solar plexus and cup your hands around the flame. Take a deep breath and connect it with your crystal. All the crystal energy to interact with you.

Sacral energy creates creativity and peace whilst boosting vitality and power as the energy twirls and twists into feminine form and exits through the flame’s point. Use to send energy to the universe.

Crystal flame energy is very good to help you work with the lower chakras especially in meditation and access a deeper level within yourself.

Flame energy clears and charges. Use when wanting change.

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