Quartz Colour Spectrum Beaded Dowser Pendulum


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Quartz Colour Spectrum Beaded Dowser Pendulum – Master Healing Crystal, Receive, Transmit, Store, Amplify – Handcrafted

This quartz beaded pendulum/dowser is really beautiful. It has been handcrafted with quality beads with their cut designs catching the light which then eminates different colours. This is a unique one off pendulum/dowser and would make a very special gift. It comes complete with its own presentation/gift box. Each of our dowsers have been handcrafted by myself and my husband and are very individual.

I hand select all the crystals and beads for their lovely qualities and great crystal energies for our customer’s needs.

Quartz Crystal is the king of the healing stones. It is the master healing crystal. It acts as a prism to bring light into the full colour spectrum, so can be used for all healing work on any part of the body. It can take on the healing qualities of any of the other crystals. Plain quartz crystal can receive, transmit, store and amplify energy and information, so can be programmed for any task or special purpose. It promotes healing and harmony to any environment it is placed in as well as energize  all chakras and strengthen the energy field.

As a crystal therapist and teacher each piece will be cleansed  with herbs and under the relevant moon  / earth cycles or elements before posting,  so it is ready for you to start using.

7) Beginners Crystal Healing Workshop

8) Advanced Crystal Healing Workshop

Animal Healing And Communication Workshop


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