Sodalite Carved Angel Pendulum Dowser


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Sodalite Carved Angel Pendulum Dowser

70mm long x 30mm wide approx

This is a lovely carved Sodalite pendulum dowser with a plain quartz point. The chain sits comfortably in your hand for easy use during a healing or pendulum session. It has a simple bead at the end of the chain which helps with holding the dowser so you don’t have influence.

Sodalite is a great crystal to use in a pendulum. It connects well with the throat and third eye chakras and is a valuable intuition aid.

This Sodalite Angel Pendulum Dowser would make a great gift, if you are looking for something different and special. They would be good for anyone who likes to dowse for water, lost items, spiritual direction in their lives. This Sodalite Angel Pendulum / Dowser would be good for any crystal healers and would be a benefit in their treatments and rooms.

As a crystal therapist and teacher each piece will be cleansed and Reiki infused before posting, so it is ready for you to start using.

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