African Bloodstone Carved Crystal Dragons Head / Skull


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African Bloodstone Carved Crystal Dragons Head / Skull

A stunning African Bloodstone hand carved crystal dragons head.
15.5 cms long
7 cms W
9 cms H

African Bloodstone is a deep green Chalcedony with Red Jasper markings and crystalline Quartz and also known as Setonite. A great crystal for activating the base chakra and to use at a time when you are looking for strength, endurance and energy, especially if you are feeling fearful or even weak. It also has energies of protection and is good to carry when facing challenges or going through difficult times.
If you are drawn to dragon energy are you trying to call or tame your inner dragon? Dragons often come in for protection, to clear anything in your pathway that is no longer serving you and to show you a pathway forward.
Sit quietly with a crystal dragon skull and ask how it would like to work with you?

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