Handcrafted Crystal Snakes


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Handcrafted Crystal Snakes

5cms x 3cms x 3.5cms approx

This is for one beautifully handcrafted crystal snake which will be intuitively chosen for you.

Snakes can be shown to us in meditation, appearing in life, images, dreams etc., when snake medicine appears for you it can show rebirth, resurrection, initiation and wisdom. To some the snake is a symbol of transformation and healing. The snake has a long association with sexuality/creative life force within humans. The kundalini or serpent fire lies coiled at the base of the spine and as we grow and develop the primal energy is released rising up the spine which activates energy centres in the body and mind, opening new dimensions and levels of awareness, health and creativity. In Chinese astrology one of every 12 years is named for the snake and it is believed that those born within that year have qualities of compassion, clairvoyance and charm. Snake energy teaches us death and rebirth healing and enlightenment. So if you are pulled to snake energy expect change and healing to start to take place.

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1) First Inner Transformation Energy Healing Session + consultation 90 mins


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