Lapis Lazuli Heart


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Lapis Lazuli Heart  – Aids Psychic Ability. Spiritual Visions, Third Eye/Throat Activation, Listen Hear Express

3cms approx – this is for one Lapis Lazuli heart that will be intuitively chosen for you.

These Lapis Lazuli Crystal Hearts are really lovely with all different shades of celestial blue and is often referred to as the stones of wisdom and truth.

Lapiz Lazuli is a lovely deep blue stone from Lazurite, it consists of flecks of Pyrite, Calcite and Sodalite. It is a stone which when worked with can help you truly understand yourself and help with personal self expression. It can help stimulate the throat and third eye chakras and can aid psychic ability, spiritual visions and insights.

A lovely stone to have in the shape of a heart.

A great stone to use when making crystal grids, white magic and a great aid against psychic  This lovely heart will be cleansed under the relevant moon cycle before being sent out to you.

Large Lapis Lazuli Crystal Tumblestone

Lapis Lazuli Sphere

Mookaite Double Terminated Point


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