Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp


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Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

12cms High approx – comes on its own bespoke wooden stand

This Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp would look lovely connected to your computer whilst you work, in any room or workplace and would make a lovely gift for someone special. It would help disperse the electromagnetic fields that computers emit and cleanse the air around you. Which would also aid clear thinking. They simply connect into the USB point of your computer.

They come with a colour changing bulb which is really pretty.

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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp are a natural products with no two being the same. They come complete with their own wooden base and electrical connection/switch. With so many people now being aware of the negative ions in conjunction to our health. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are proving very valuable and popular to use in our homes and work places. We have all felt the freshness of the air after a good thunderstorm or winter blow up which is due to the high level of these ions in the air which help cleans it. The same can be true in our homes with dust, pollen, cooking fumes, animal dust, mould spores etc., As they help clean the air they are very good at helping with asthma, eczema and other irritating skin conditions, depression and fatigue. They are recommended to use near to computers, microwaves, or other electrical products or even if you live near to electric pylons. They are brilliant to use in any therapy rooms where healing and meditation take place.

Himalayan salt lamps have brilliant health benefits and also change the air in the rooms they are placed and also give out a warm glow so look beautiful when turned on in the evening. They can help with relaxing.

I have different sized salt lamps available from small ones that plug into the USB on your computer and have light bulbs that change colour. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps that come complete with their own baskets and also extra large Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps which would look lovely as a statement piece in any room or workplace.

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