Malachite Handcrafted owl


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Malachite Handcrafted owl – Transformation, Emotions, Cleansing, Change, wisdom, knowledge, magic, omens, vision

3cmsH x 3cmsW x 2cmsD

I hand select all my crystals for their lovely quality and great crystal energies for all my customers needs, so will hand select the best one for you.

as they are crafted from natural crystal sizes can vary slightly

By bringing owl energy into your life it can help you become more in tune with your own silent wisdom. An owl can also symbolise the mystery of magic, transition in life, messages, mysticism, protection, secrets & aid with visions of the night.

Malachite is a brilliant healing stone very popular with crystal therapists. Malachite is often referred to as an absorbing crystal. It is a stone I like to use when going through transformation or change. I find it great to use for inner journeys and revisiting timelines and helps pinpoint energies blocking spiritual growth. I find it has strong energies that help me go direct to the cause of a problem and highlight what it is shadowing. Its a crystal I like to carry with me when facing fears and working on releasing outworn patterns.
Malachite has a high copper content which gives it its bright green colourings and makes an ideal stone for drawing out. I like to use it as a talisman for attracting loyalty in love, friendships and partnerships.

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