Crazy Lace Raw And Natural


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Crazy Lace Raw and Natural

4-6 cms approx

This is for one Crazy Lace raw piece which will be intuitively chosen for you.

A great crystal to help you find beauty when in a mess.  A good one to have around at the moment if you are finding the world a crazy place. Crazy Lace is a banded Chalcedony infused with iron and aluminium which produces its beautiful swirly colours that we all love. It is often referred to as the laughter stone or happy lace agate as it can bring happiness to those who hold it.  I always find it quite a playful crystal that is brilliant in bringing your inner child out to play, adventure and excitement in any area of our life that is influencing. It connects well with the base and solar plexus chakras and I find it to feel very protective and soothing when scattered times are afoot.

Keep this crystal close when you want to focus less on the chaos and find a way of laughing through it.

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