Kunzite Raw Crystals


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Kunzite Raw Crystals

4.5 – 6.5 cms approx – this is for one piece of Kunzite raw crystal that will be intuitively chosen for you.

I am so pleased the these beautiful pieces of raw Kunzite as it is also a stone that is not readily available. Kunzite is linked to the heart chakra and is used to encourage the energy of love and a good one to to keep close when working to heal emotional wounds whilst releasing any negative feelings. Use the crystal to keep the energy around you clear as you move through various obstacles and to open and connect your heart with your mind. Any walls built previously around your emotional heart for protection can begin to be demolished and help increase receptiveness to the experience of abundant and unconditional love.

Carry a piece with you in your car, keep on a bedside cabinet or next to your favourite chair.

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Weight 140 kg

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