Wavelite Natural Rough Green Crystal Specimen – Love, Unity, New Moon


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Wavelite Natural Rough Green Crystal Specimen – Love, Unity, New Moon

This is for a natural rough green Wavelite crystal specimen piece

4 cms x 2.5 cms approx 16g

I hand select all my crystals for their lovely quality and great crystal energies for my customers needs.

Wavelike is often referred to as “The universal love stone”. I always feel it has strong vibrational healing energies. To me it shows the energies of unity. I find its energy increases at the time of a new moon so would be a good crystal to work with at this time, especially with anything to do with love and the bringing together. I like to use this crystal when sending healing for world peace or when there is a lot of disharmony around

A great crystal to gift to a friend who struggles with relationships.

A great stone to use when making crystal grids and any healings of the heart.

It would be good to carry round with you or place in your bedroom, especially on a bedside cabinet so its healing energies can work with you whilst you sleep. It will promote peace and calm into any home.

It is a great stone to use whilst meditating, healing & to carry with you when visiting someone or a situation you find difficult.

Place somewhere in your garden / patio / front door etc., maybe near to a beloved rose or a plant brought with love or memories to create a lovely energy for anyone or animal that visits your garden or patio.

As I am a Reiki Master and crystal therapist all crystals will be cleansed and Reiki charged in my healing sanctuary before being sent out, so they are ready for your use.

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