New Moon In Aquarius Meditation Via Zoom Kit


This kit has been assembled to use during my

New Moon In Aquarius meditation evening on

Monday 31st January 2022 – 7pm

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New Moon In Aquarius Meditation Via Zoom Kit

I have created this Aquarian New Moon kit for use during the evening, so please purchase if you would like to work along-side me, whilst in the comfort of your own homes.

In this kit you will be receiving the following items:

  • One intention candle – for setting Aquarius New Moon intentions. Your candle will also come with a surprise tumble stone, intuitively chosen to correspond to a specific intention. Trust that the stone which is right for you will find its way to your sacred place.
  • Palo Santo piece of sacred wood which comes all the way from South America. Spanish monks discovered it had clearing and healing properties and called it Palo Santo which means holy wood.
  • Charcoal disc or resin cups crafted using some of the oldest kinds of incense and is the exact same form as used by our ancestors many years ago
  • Crystals to support and balance Aquarius energy. You will receive 3 crystals intuitively chosen specifically for you from Aquamarine, Black Onyx, Emerald, Garnet, Hematite, Labradorite or Lepidolite.
  • New Moon energy spray – this will be from a small batch I will handcraft specifically for this New Moon energy.
  • Herbs specifically chosen to enhance New Moon energies in Aquarius and support the four directions.

I look forward to sharing New Moon blessings with you – Lorraine x

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