Fire Quartz Palmstones


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Fire Quartz Palmstones

7cms x 4.5 cms approx

These are beautiful quality Fire Quartz palmstones with lovely rainbows and inclusions.

Also known as Red Hematoid. Fire Quartz crystal is a very beautiful combination of Quartz with Hematite inclusions. These inclusions vary i colour from the dark grey/black of traditional Hematite to a reddish-brown colour. Fire Quartz combines the amplifying energy of Quartz with the grounding energy of Hematite – resulting in a balancing energy. Fire Quartz is considered to be a stone of transformation. As the Quartz in this piece is pink – like Rose Quartz this is a wonderful stone for working on transforming anything to do with love – your self love, romantic love, platonic loving relationships, love of family and universal love.

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