Lodolite, Garden or Scenic Quartz Palm Stones


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Lodolite, Garden or Scenic Quartz Palm Stones

2.9cms – 3.8 cms approx – This is for one Lodolite, Garden or Scenic  Quartz sphere that will be chosen intuitively for you.

Lodolite or Garden Quartz is a type of quartz crystal with inclusions which give it the appearance of underwater scenes, gardens or landscapes. It is clear Quartz with inclusions of different elements such as Hematite, Chlorite, Feldspar and Epidote.  It is a brilliant scrying or meditation crystal and is often used as a manifesting crystal or to enhance communication with the spiritual plane or when trying to enhance one’s intuition. It is said to bring gentle loving energies.

Quartz is one of the Master healing crystals and enhances any of the others it is placed with, plus it has the additional vibrations of the inclusions, making it a very valuable crystal / Reiki healing tool

It is a most often used on the Crown Chakra.

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Lodolite, Garden Or Scenic Quartz Spheres

Lodolite, Garden Or Scenic Quartz Points

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