Rainbow Obsidian Palm Stones


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Rainbow Obsidian Palm Stones

This is for one Rainbow Obsidian Palm Stone

7cms – 9cms x 3cms – 4cms

These Rainbow Obsidian Palm stones absolutely stole my heart they are very special with so much hidden inside. From the outside they appear as Black Obsidian which in its own right is also a magnificent crystal but these Rainbow palms have hidden surprises when held in different lights. Different colours of the Rainbow spectrum can be seen. I am sure I see a different colour each time I view. They are so lovely to just hold and even rub and surrender your fears to the universe.

I have often used these Rainbow Obsidian palm stones in my crystal healing sessions for people who have been suffering with grief and losses of different sorts.  By simply holding them in the palms of their hands I have often heard comments of how protected their energy makes them feel and enhances a feeling of happiness, love and joy.  A great protector and cleanser of the auric field.

These palm stones can easily be used at home or work by simply placing them where they call or look best, they will show you. A great tool in meditation to help receive higher guidance and wisdom and they also have great healing energies.

I will intuitively choose the best one for you.

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