Rose Quartz Aura Palm Stones



Rose  Quartz Aura Palm Stone Crystals – Higher Dimensional Healing, Self Love

5.5cms – 6.5cms approx – this is for one Rose Quartz Aura Palmstones which will be intuitively chosen for you.

Rose Quartz Aura is Rose Quartz infused with precious metals such as gold, titanium, silver or platinum which adds to the beautiful qualities Rose Quartz already has. A magical stone of love which I like to hold when trying to look at a problem from a much higher perspective. I find it a great crystal to help with divine insight and higher cosmic consciousness. It is sometimes referred to as the crystal of new horizons and divine connection. When I have used it during a healing session it can help bring back that feeling of self love and a contended feeling of peace, as it can help balance out all the chakras. It is a great meditation and healing crystal.

Place a piece under your pillow whilst you sleep or pop in a pocket if you have a testing day ahead. Gift to a friend who is going through a difficult time and feel its magic.

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Rose Quartz Large Angel

Rose Quartz Love Hearts  Heart Chakra, Inner peace, Outer Calm, Self Love

Rose Quartz Towers







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Weight .050 kg

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