Citrine Pillar Towers


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Citrine Pillar Towers

This is for one Citrine Pillar tower which will be intuitively chosen for you.

Im so excited for you to just feel the energy from these great quality Citrine pillar towers which are filled with potent energy ideal for prosperity and magic.

  • Citrine is often called the Merchant’s stone and is a great aid to transform and uplift your energetic field with its vibrant, expansive power.
  • It is also often used for manifestation and ritual work to attract money and abundance in anything you are seeking.
  • It connects well with the Solar plexus chakra and is a great cleanser of the mind and energy field. When we balance our Solar Plexus chakra it helps to increase your levels of empowerment, confidence and general self esteem.
  • Keep a piece of Citrine with you to strengthen your intellect and creativity, encourage motivation and self expression.
  • Use during your rituals of money magic or to strengthen willpower. keep on your business desk.
  • Place Citrine in the abundance area of your home or sacred space, which is often the South East especially if you are looking for success in work.

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