Lemon Calcite Points


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Lemon Calcite Points

8.6 – 9.4 cms approx – this is for one Lemon Calcite point

Lemon Calcite is a relatively new find from Pakistan and can come in a range of different yellows depending upon the amount of iron impurities found in each stone. It is a lovely one to use when dealing with emotions or balancing out the Solar plexus chakra. A good one to keep in a pocket or on the office desk at work when dealing with confidence issues and a definite go to crystal when clearing out old patterns and working to increase self motivation. it is a powerful energy cleanser and amplifier of energy and a great one to use in any crystal grid or altar work. If you are trying to clear your mind of its constant clutter then sit in the quiet with one of these Lemon Calcite stones or keep near when revising or studying of any kind. I find it helps to stimulate the higher mind in meditation.

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