Llanite Crystal Towers Que Sera



Llanite Crystal Towers Que Sera

This listing is for 1 Llanite Crystal tower which will be intuitively chosen for you.

Also known as Que Sera Crystal these natural carved stones will vary in size from around 5 to 7cms.

Llanirte carries the healing energies of Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron anded Magnetite. I have always found Que-Sera to soothe, energise, rebalance and restore. This crystal is an amazing Earth stone to add to your collection or as a very thoughtful gift to someone special. No two llanite crystals are the same but I will intuitively choose the right one for you. Que-Sera Stone is one of the most uplifting talisman found in recent times to aid the metaphysical world, it has it all, does it all, and is a stone for all…an amalgamation of minerals with very high, yet very earthy vibrations rolled together in stunning form. Carry a Que-Sera crystal when  standing in one’s own power and trying to release from life’s obligations, especially those taken on only to be perceived as a “good person.” This crystal aids one to speak their truths – one to say “no,” and takes away the tendency to give in to others who simply refuse to relinquish control. The Que-Sera Stone is ideal for those struggling with emotions. Use when trying to bring feelings to light to understand and uplift as well as for those those who are feeling victimised or isolated and lonely. A lovely calming crystal to hold. Que-Sera can be a transformational talisman for freeing the emotional body and empowering the spirit helping to release feelings of guilt.

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Weight .100 kg

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