Mookaite Crystal Tower



Mookaite Crystal  Tower

7 – 9 cms approx

This is for one Mookaite crystal tower that will be intuitively chosen for you.

I find Mookaite to be a very grounding crystal. Its energies make me feel like you have been given a big hug surrounded with love and protection. I sometimes place a piece under my pillow at night to help with dreams,  journeying and recall or to hold when meditating, especially when trying to make changes in life. I find it helps to keep emotions calm and balanced and a good stone to use if you are feeling lonely.

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The colour does vary in all Mookaite points but one nearest to the colourings in the picture or one I feel to be in tune with your energy field will be sent. However,  all Mookaite crystals bear the same healing qualities. It will be cleansed and charged with Reiki healing ready for you to start using straight away.

Mookaite always feels such a nurturing crystal and one to carry at times of stress or going through times of change. So a great one to use when you feel you need emotional support. Use to reopen your inner spirit. A heart, solar plexus and base chakra healing crystal.

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Weight .120 kg

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