Opalite Towers



Opalite Towers

6 – 8 cms approx

This is for one Opalite tower which will be intuitively chosen for you.

Opalite is one of the angelic crystals and a lovely one to use when trying to contact the angelic realm or lift your own vibrational energy. Although it is a manmade stone this takes nothing away from the metaphysical properties of this lovely crystal being  crafted by the fusing together of dolomite, quartz and fluorite, so you can see why it holds magic within. Opalite is perfect to use when trying to manifest or attract success in business, guiding you in making insightful decisions and bringing clarity and deeper understanding into your life. It is a crystal loved by  psychics and mediums and a great meditation stone, helping to induce visions and prophetic dreams. This is a great stone to have handy if you are going through a lot of changes in your life, as it gives your energetic self an extra charge and works to keep your third eye open, removing blockages whenever you need that extra help. If you are feeling tired or down or life seems to be going in the wrong direction, this is a great stone to have carry with you or have in your home or work place.

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Opalite Bracelets

Opalite Angel Pendulum / Dowser – A Stone For Personal Power And Connecting To Third Eye

Opalite Angel


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Weight .100 kg

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