Ruby In Zoisite Points


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Ruby In Zoisite Towers

7 – 8.5cms approx. You will receive one Ruby in Zoisite point which will be intuitively chosen for you.

This Ruby in Zoisite has been sourced from Tanzania  and is a great crystal to help boost your passion and vitality with life. Ruby in Zoisite teaches us to find balance with love and growth as these lovely stones grow so well together deep in Mother Earth, creating a beautiful pairing. The green is Zoisite and the red Ruby. Keep close by, sit in the quiet or meditate with Ruby in Zoisite when trying to enhance energy and passion for life.

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Ruby In Fuchsite towers

Ruby In Zoisite Spheres

Fuchsite Natural Green Meditation, Intuition, Herbal Knowledge, Holistic Medicine, Heart Chakra








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