Sandstone Blue Point


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Sandstone Blue Points

8.5 – 9.5cms approx – this is for one Blue Sandstone point that will be chosen intuitively for you.

Blue sandstone is absolutely stunning and reminds me of looking into a deep dark nights sky and seeing hundreds of tiny stars sparkling back at me. It is often referred to as a crystal for those seeking their ambitions and is filled with mystery. It has been created from Quartz sand which contains particles of Manganese, copper and chromium.

Blue sandstone is a lovely crystal to carry or have in your homes, healing rooms or work places when trying to follow your dreams, even if just at the moment you are unsure which pathway to follow – connect with the energy from the Blue sandstone. It is a great reflector of negative energy – sending it back to its source, especially with love and higher vibrational healing.

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