Quartz Cluster Aura Aura


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Quartz Cluster aura aura – Calm Emotional Body, Open Energy Centres, Clear Vision, Higher Vibrational Energy Crystal

6cms x 5cms x 4cms approx – this is for one piece of aura aura Quartz that will be chosen intuitively for you.

This is a beautiful crystal that has been created by natural quartz crystal being bonded with different vapours such as gold, titanium, platinum and silver, creating different vibrational energies. These metals connect to higher vibrational energies which is why these crystals are available at this time as the universal energies are changing.

I am finding this a beautiful crystal to connect and meditate with. I am using it extensively in my crystal grids and am venturing out to use it in my healing herbal garden. I am finding it very beneficial in inducing peace and calm, especially of the emotional part of the aura. When someone has been presented with anger I am allowing them to hold one to see the reactional shift and have found it readily opens energy centres when there have been blockages, thus creating clear vision for their journeys forward.

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