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Shiva Shells – universal protection, grounding and intuitive wisdoms

This is for one Shiva shell that will be chosen intuitively for you.

The Shiva shell is the operculum of a sea snail found in the South Seas of North Australia. Shiva eye was popular in Victoria times and often crafted into jewellery. The Shiva shell gets its name from the Hindu, all knowing, god Shiva also believed to be the divine integration and manifester of everything masculine and feminine. The Shiva shell is used to aid a deepening of intuitive abilities and very good for the Third Eye chakra to transform negative energy.

The Shiva shells are often used as a universal protection stone. Little power packs used to deflect the evil eye and prevent psychic attack, with its ability to ground energy it helps create an impenetrable shield for your sacred space and protection of your own energy field.

Place on your Third Eye when meditating whilst setting your intentions to open and increase your intuition and connect with old wisdoms. Use when looking for a new pathway or change of direction or when feeling blocked on your soul’s pathway.

Shiva Eye is also known as “Mermaid’s Money” and is often carried by fishermen to bring good luck and fortune with a safe journey and abundant catches.

Shiva Eye, also known as “Pacific Cat’s Eye”, is a white shell and is thought to have many healing properties.  It also assists one in developing awareness of the divine without losing your connection to the earth. An excellent stone to enhance creativity and awaken ones sense of adventure. It banishes fears and insecurities while also protecting against evil. Shiva eye is also a great stone to hold when trying to calm an overactive mind and enhance creativity.

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