Tigers Eye Crystal Skull


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Tigers Eye Crystal Skull

11.2 cms D x 9.1 cms H x 7.8 cms W approx

Tigers Eye – protection, grounding, mental clarity, fear, anxiety, good luck

Tigers eye connects well with the sacral and solar plexus chakras and is considered a protective crystal often carried by travellers. I always consider Tigers Eye as a good luck stone and include it in any money rituals I may be doing.  I often use it as a grounding stone as I find it very useful for moving mental energy to help induce a clear mind. Keep near when feeling fearful or anxious. stone of empowerment and confidence. It’s known as the “counsel stone”, and one I find aids wisdom, courage, protection, and the ability to see ahead.

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Crystal skulls hold deep wisdoms
When you start to connect with the deep magic within the crystal skulls you will realise they can be great companions to have around your homes and workplaces. They can hold our secrets, wisdoms, teachings and life’s lessons and can transfer these learnings to others even after we pass back home ourselves.
Some people are frightened of skulls or find them weird or negative, but remember we also have a skull which holds your inner wisdoms. That’s what they represent wisdom from the ancients and our elders and the magic from nature and deep earth’s lessons.
There are so many ways you can use the skulls and they will guide you and show you how. Use them in your sacred spaces, rituals, homes, workplaces. Placing them in the four corners of a room seals and grounds the energy of that space, which helps build positive energy to manifest and function so much better in. Use to enhance your spiritual gifts. Use a Quartz crystal skull to connect with other crystal skulls.

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