Blue Calcite Spheres


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Blue Calcite Spheres

4.7 – 5.4cms approx – this is for one Blue Calcite sphere that will be chosen intuitively for you.

Blue Calcite comes in lovely shades of blue and is often referred to as a “crystal of the mind” making it a good crystal to use if you are studying or learning something new, this can also include life’s lessons. It is a very positive crystal to work with that will also enhance your vibrational energy including any room it is placed. As it raises vibrational energy and connects with the Throat chakra and also the Third Eye it is one to hold during meditation or healing when trying to connect with the angelic realm or the higher vibrational spirits. It is a very calming crystal so is good to use when communication is needed or where there has been a problem with talking up or deep communications from the heart, to help you see life from a totally different perspective. Use to help clear communication channels.

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