Opalite Spheres



Opalite Sphere – Attracts the Angelic Realm, Aids Intuition, Crystal Healing, peace, calm, fears, Crown Chakra

5 – 5.5 cms approx This is for one Opalite sphere which will be chosen intuitively for you

I select all my crystals for their lovely quality and great crystal energies for all my customers needs.

Opalite is often called the stone of love, with it’s calming angelic properties.

This Opalite Sphere would be ideal in any home, work place, difficult or tense situations. A great aid for any crystal healer and to use as a meditation tool especially as it will help bring in the angelic realm.

A great crystal to have around when trying to achieve goals and achieve success.

It is a great stone to use when making a crystal grid to change the energy in any room. A must for any altar or therapy room. It will increase the energy wherever it is place but also bring about a sense of balance.

By placing in your home it will help lift the vibrations, especially if they have become stagnated.

Opalite has no crystalline composition and uses the earth’s energy’s to help heal and change the energies wherever it is placed. it is a very important transformer crystal.

Opalite Towers

Opalite Bracelets

Opalite Angel


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Weight .5 kg

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