Pink Opal Sphere + Dragon Display Stand


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Pink Opal Sphere + Dragon Display Stand

This is for one Pink Opal Sphere which will be intuitively chosen for you coupled with a beautiful dragon display stand finished in rose gold.

Pink Opal’s vibrational energy is very gentle, calm and soothing so a great crystal to have in a sphere to help keep your vibrational energy clear and calm. It connects well with the heart chakra enhancing a feeling of love, peace and hope. A good crystal to use when trying to connect with past lives or are dreaming regularly as I have found it can help bring old wounds to the surface to be healed. Hold during a past life regression session to help resolve painful cellular memories with gentleness and compassion especially for yourself.  A brilliant crystal to have in your home when trying to recover from a broken heart.

It is a good crystal for children especially if they are struggling with sleeping.

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