Septarian Sphere + Polychrome Desert Jasper Display Slice


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Septarian Sphere + Polychrome Desert Jasper Display Slice

Septarian sphere – 5.5cms approx

Polychrome Desert Jasper Sphere – 14cms x 11cms x 0.75cms approx

This is for a beautiful sphere of a natural Septarian geode displaying a lovely geode druzy to its centre. This is millions of sparkling druzy crystal points which all add to the beauty and healing properties of this piece. Its fun and sparkly and perfect for display as it comes complete with a slice of Polychrome Desert Jasper.

Septarian Spheres are also called Dragons eggs and are as old and stunning as they come. If you are going through a time of transformation and change then these spheres are here to support you. Septarian is a stone of deep peace, wisdom, and acceptance. It contains the secrets of all times and is often used to help unveil meanings to past experiences, connect with your innermost wisdom, and call in the guidance of your ancestors as you walk your spiritual path.

When Septarian is carved into a sphere,  it becomes even more powerful. These Dragon Septarian Spheres emit energies of acceptance, transformation and wisdom making them powerful to use on your altars and as meditation tools. Place one in your sacred space, use one as the centerpiece of a crystal grid or hold one during spiritual work to begin experiencing its magic – Let it show you how it chooses to work with you.

Septarian contains angular cavities or cracks called “septaria“. The cracks are filled in with minerals such as calcite (yellow) and aragonite (brown) and sometime pyrite causing the very interesting patterns.

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