Trolleite Fairy


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Trolleite Fairy

8cms High approx

This is for one Trolleite fairy which will be intuitively chosen for you.

Trolleite is a blend of Quartz, Lazulite, Scorzalite and elements of Lepidolite.

If Trolleite calls to you are you ready to discover and understand your soul’s purpose and open up to the universal energy.

Trolleite is not readily available and is a beautiful high vibrational crystal which is good to use to aid deep communications with your spirit and angel guides to aid clear strong connections. Sit in the quiet with a Trolleite angel whilst asking for guidance forward, let go of any expectations of how your answer to come to you and see, feel, hear or sense the magical way it will come to you. Sit in the quite with your fairy whilst journaling, whilst keeping your awareness open for inner messages and support from your spirit guides.

Trolleite is a very healing, nurturing crystal to use in your home or work places when working to release painful memories, experiences.

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