Aquamarine Tumble Stones


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Aquamarine Tumble Stones

2.9 – 3.9 cms approx. This is for one Aquamarine tumble stone that will be chosen intuitively for you.

Good things come in small packages, with big not always being the best and this is true of these beautiful little crystal gems.

Aquamarine or Beryl is such a lovely stone to work with or carry with you and are great healing crystals, especially when dealing with deeply wounding past hurts and wanting to work on your shadow side. Aquamarine encourages us to look deep within ourselves in order to heal and move forward. It is very much a water element crystal and will withdraw you within to really look and deal with yourself and past hurts and consequent behaviour patterns stemming from them. I cannot recommend this stone enough to use during your healing and ritual work. A great crystal to help you deal with your past in order to move forward on your souls true pathway.

Place one in a pocket to keep near,  under your pillow or on a bedside cabinet.

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