Carnelian Tumblestones



Carnelian Tumblestones – Courage, Abundance, Motivation, Creativity

This is for one Carnelian Tumblestone

Carnelian is a great crystal with its beautiful burnt orange hues and one I like to carry in my purse when working to attract abundance or place in the abundance area of my home. I find it to be a stone with high energies and good to help balance the Sacral chakra during a crystal healing session. I have carried it with me at times of suffering from upset and rebirth and have found it a great crystal to aid courage and motivation especially in my work.

Carnelian is a must for any crystal healer for grid making and altar work.

Girasol Pink Tumblestones Visualisation, Creativity, Distant Energy Work, Reiki

Sugilite Tumblestones Rare Love Stone, Wellbeing Mind / Body Kundalini

Chrysocolla Tumblestone Auric Field Cleanser, Negative Energy, Change, Inner Balance, Blame, Guilt


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Weight .030 kg

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