Chalcedony Tumblestone


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Chalcedony Tumblestone – Aids Balance of The Mind, Body And Soul, Calming, Communiation, Grounding

3.5cms approx –  this is for one large tumblestone

I hand select all my crystals for their lovely quality and great crystal energies for all my customers needs, so will hand select the best ones for you.

A great crystal to carry with you when focusing on the spiritual world whilst staying grounded and trying to make positive changes. I find it helps to balance the mind, body and soul and stay positive. Very calming and a good one to connect with when trying to enhance communications.

Sugilite Tumblestones Rare  Love Stone, Wellbeing Mind / Body Kundalini

Aventurine Pink Tumblestones  Redirection, New Journeys, Love, Happiness, Prosperity

Dalmatian Jasper Tumblestones


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